Tips & Techniques

Make an easy project go even smoother with our helpful tips and techniques!

Before You Begin
TIP: Watch the instructional DVD. It's a helpful, step-by-step overview packed with information on how to easily transform your cabinets in a weekend.

Prepare for the Project
TIP: To fully transform your cabinets, consider new/updated hardware. You'll be removing old hardware to coat your cabinets, so this is a great time to select something new and complementary!

TIP: Using a cordless screwdriver to remove cabinet hardware will speed up the process. If changing the hardware, check to see if new or different holes are needed. Fill the holes that are not needed with wood putty or filler.

Application Tips
TIP: After applying the Deglosser, allow doors, drawers, and frames to dry 1 hour before applying Bond Coat.

TIP: Avoid drips when applying the Bond Coat, apply in even coats. Drips may be cleaned up with water.

TIP: For flat panel doors use up-and-down vertical strokes when applying the Bond Coat. Use side-to-side horizontal strokes on drawers.

TIP: Allow Bond Coat to dry 2 – 3 hours between each coat. It is critical to let each coat dry to touch. Dry times may vary depending on temperature and humidity levels.

TIP: The Decorative Glaze will stay workable for up to 5 minutes.

TIP: Allow the Decorative Glaze to dry for a minimum of 8 hours before applying the Protective Top Coat.

TIP: The Protective Top Coat dries quickly - do not rebrush previously coated areas that have started to dry.

TIP: Allow to dry 12 hours before installing cabinet doors and drawers. Allow 24 hours before full use.



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